Investigating the Production of Biogas from Pig Waste and Cattle Dung: Udeh, N.U., Ugwoha, E* and Kor, L.J
Comparing the Effectiveness of Methanol, Ethanol and Monoethylene Glycol at Preventing Hydrate Formation in a Hydrate Flow Loop Odutola, T.O
Assessment of the Impact of The Coronavirus Pandemic on the Petroleum Industry of Nigeria Using Vector Autoregression: Joseph, A* and Dugbor, L.A
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Comparative Spectral Motion Responses of P23 and W23 Passenger Boats in Bonny Offshore Water in Nigeria: Agbakwuru, J.A*, Akaawase, B.T and Abam, J
Efficient Bandwidth Usage in Cellular Networks for Better Quality of Service: Etuk, E.A1, Iroegbu, C2 and Ugwoke, F.N1
Effects of Cassava Peel Ash Admixed with Rice Husk Ash as Alternative Binders in Self-Compacting Concrete Abdulwahab, M.T*1, Uche, O.A.U2 and Idris, M.H3
Enhanced Electronic Voting System (EEVS) in the Nigerian Electoral System Dike, J.N*, Okodugha, A and Okuboarere, A.G
Effect of Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate with Plastic Waste Aggregate on Workability and Strength of Concrete: Babatunde, O.Ya*, Adebayo, H.Sa and Shuaib, Q.Aa
Analytical Evaluation of Fatigue Damage Events in Shafts: Odi-Owei, S, Nkoi, B and Ayoka, K.E
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Evaluation of Temperature Effect on Scale Deposition on Oil Production Tubing in Niger Delta: Odo, A* and Osokogwu, U
Assessment of the Key Performance Indices of Cellular Network Providers in Nigeria: Iroegbu, C*, Udo, E.U and Oborkhale, L.I
Application of Machine Learning in Addressing Human Computer Interaction Challenges: Adimora, K.C and Aru, O.E
Performance Evaluation of the Rheological and Proppant Handling Property of Mucunaflagellipes as a Biopolymer in Hydraulic Fracturing Operations: Adali, F1, Dosunmu, A2 and Joel, O2
Assessment of ZnCl2 Activated Unripe Musa Paradisiaca Peels for Adsorption of Phenol from Aqueous Solution: Udeh, N.U*1 and Amah, V.E2
Experimental Validation of Shear-Studded Composite Slab Strength Model: Mohammed, K*1, Alkali, A.M1 and Bulu, K1
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Optical and Electrical Characterization of Synthesized Lead Zinc Sulphide Nanostructured Thin Films- Ushie, F.A1 and Emegha J.O*1
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Assessment of the Sedimentological and Geotechnical Characteristics of Soil Sediments in Selected Coastal Islands in the Niger Delta, Nigeria- Owonaro, B.J1, Okiotor, M.E*2, Chiokwe, V.N3 and Obi, S.C4


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