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Spectral Characterisation of Bonny Offshore Water Wave in Nigeria- Agbakwuru, J.A* and Akaawase, B.T
Preliminary Re-design of a Twelve Stage Axial Compressor in an Existing Single Shaft Industrial Gas Turbine Engine- Agbadede, R* and Kainga, B
Wide Angle Radar Absorption Characteristics of Cross-Block Structured Absorber with Metamaterial Features- Abdullahi, M.B*, Ali, M.H* and Gana, U.M
Modeling Climate Change Effects on Hydrology and Water Resources using WEAP and SWAT Models – A Review- Ibrahim, U.A*, Dan’azumi, S and Ibn-Abubakar, B.S.U
A GIS-Based Approach for Morphometric Characteristics and Development of Hydrographs for Landzu Watershed, Niger State, Nigeria- Mohammed, A.A*, Adeogun, A.G, Salami, A.W and Adeleke, O.O
Sustainable Management of Runoff and Sediment Yield in a Rapidly Urbanizing Residential Area: A Case Study of Malete, Kwara State, Nigeria- Ganiyu, H.O*, Adeogun, A.G, Asonibare, K.O and Subair, O.S
An Overview of Optical Metamaterials and Future Outlook- Obite, F, Usman, A.D, Jaja, E.T, Ijeomah, G and Ikhazuangbe, G.I
Effect of Inlet Fogging on Turbine Blade Creep Life- Agbadede, R* and Allison, I
Bit Error Rate Reduction Using the Modified Least Mean Square Algorithm- Jaja, V.I*, Nwabueze, C.A and Akaneme, S.A
Rheological Study on Strength and Water Absorptivity of Interlocking Block Admixed with Steel Dust and Selected Nano Chemicals- Olaniyan, O.S, Adegbola, A.A, Adeyokunnu, A.T*, Afolabi, L.A, Anifowose, O.I and Adeyeoluwa, B.A
Harnessing the Properties of Nigerian Barite for Drilling Mud Utilization: Modern Progresses and Expectations Nnadi C.N, Oduola M.K* and Joel O.F
Assessment of Water Quality of Commonly Consumed Packaged Water in Port Harcourt Metropolis- Ugwoha, E* and Krukru, M.A
Analysis and Computer Simulation of a Continuous Wave Radar Detection System for Moving Targets- Udo, E.U*, Egwu, A, and Okey, D.O
Periodic Solution of Capillary Vibration in Lotus-Rhizome-Node-Like Deforming Structure Using Quasi-Static Quintication Method- Big-Alabo, A* and Ezekwem, C
Safety Management System and Safety Measure Implementation in Building Construction Companies in Lagos, Nigeria Nzomiwu, E.U*, Oyegun, C.U and Kasarachi, N
Effect of Safety Management System on Production Efficiency in Construction Sites in Niger Delta, Nigeria Sam-Gabriel, I.B*, Oyegun, C.U and Patricks, C
Simulation of Sediment Concentration, Nitrogen and Phosphorus Loads: Case Study of Landzu River Watershed, Nigeria Adeogun, A.G*, Abdullahi, A, Ganiyu, H.O, Mohammed, A.A
Spectral Response Computation of P23 boat in Bonny offshore Agbakwuru, J.A* and Akaawase, B.T
Optimization of Power Generations in Niger Delta Adebayo, A.D* and Ibe, A.O


Simulation- Based Comparative Analysis of Cryptographic Algorithms- Omijeh, B.O, Agughalam, D.M
Energy Detector Based Sensing Throughput in Cognitive Radio Network- Ehikhamenle, M, Udo, E.U
Effect of Pre-Impact Vibrations on the Low-Velocity Impact Response of a Rectangular Plate: Ekpruke, E.O, Ossia, C.V and Big-Alabo, A
Free Vibration of a Two-Mass System with Coupled Cubic-Quintic Nonlinear Stiffness: Big-Alabo, A and Ossia, C.V
Optimization Model Development for California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Prediction of Metakaolin Stabilized Lateritic Soil Nwaobakata, C, Ohwerhi, K.E
Probabilistic Analysis of a Rectangular Prestressed Concrete Beam:Sule, S and Ibearugbulem, O.M
Characterization and Cytogenotoxicity of Birnin Kebbi Central Abattoir Wastewater Yahaya, T, Oladele, E, Sifau, M, Audu, G, Bala, J, Shamsudeen, A
Modeling the Bioremediation of Petrol Contaminated Soil by Clogged-Drainage Bacteria: Ugwoha, E and Iwuchukwu, O.L
Modeling and Investigating the Effect of Offset Distance on Slider-Crank Mechanism: Obaseki, M* and Alfred, P.B
Prediction of Mechanical Properties of Banana Fibre Reinforced Composite: Ofem, M.
Experimental Characterization of Locally Made Porcelain Insulator: Onu, U.G and Big-Alabo, A
Reliability-Based Safety Assessment of a Castellated Beam Sule, S and Bassah, E.J
Groundwater Quality Assessment of Nimrod for Livestock and Poultry Consumption: Al-Saffawi, A.Y.T, Ibn Abubakar, B.S.U*, Al-Asaaf, A.Y.R, Hussaini, M and Ibrahim, U.A
Performance Evaluation of an Optimized Hybrid Packet Scheduler for Bandwidth-Constrained Voice over Internet Protocol Networks Dike, J.N and Ani, C.I
Analysis of Steel-Corrosive Chemical Species in Nigerian Defence Academy Soil in Kaduna Metropolis Using X-Ray Fluorescence and Diffraction Techniques: Guma, T.N and Abubakar, A.A
Prospects Investment Appraisal for Concept Selection of Progressive Production Sharing Contract Schemes for Government: Joseph, A


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